Due to the pandemic, I am requiring all clients to wear a well fitting mask to minimize the risk of spreading any viruses or infections. There is no judgement in this statement. My priority is to keep my family and my clients safe.   Angie.

Tackle the complex things in life by keeping it simple….The benefits of massage are many, including relaxation, stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, flexibility, relief from pain caused by tense muscles, increased circulation and much more. It does not matter who you believe in. It does not matter what you believe in. It does not matter what your life is like outside of my door or how you may perceive your life is going. You are worthy of being on my table and receiving healing and blessings. This is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Muscle memory is not just physical; it’s spiritual and emotional also. We need to be able to release the essence that is stored in every cell of our being – the essence of people and things that no longer serve us. Why are you waiting to feel better? You ARE deserving of this.

The SUBTLE body completely governs the PHYSICAL body. The subtle body is anything that isn’t physical. It’s your thoughts, your emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions can lead to stress. What happens to your body when your are stressed? Your muscles get tight. Your stomach hurts. You can get ulcers. Your digestive system is impacted. Your face breaks out. Your blood pressure goes up, etc…

Take time out of you busy schedule to nurture yourself, so that you can keep giving to those you love. Find a “peace” of yourself again with Holistic Simplicity Massage.

Holistic Simplicity Massage offers Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Chakra Balancing and Clearing. Reflexology, Chair massage and Reiki (energy work, local and distant).Intuitive Life Coaching/Psychic Healing. Corporate work.

Please note: Undress to your level of comfort. Fully clothed option available in most instances.